“New” Room at the Parris House – Take a Peek!

As many of our Facebook followers know, we’ve been working on redecorating the south parlor at the Parris House, which is a classic twin parlor Federal.  Just a couple of weeks ago our Tuesday group was overflowing the north parlor aka the hooking studio.  At the time the “new” parlor was still in disarray during the painting and decluttering process.  Next time we have more hookers than seats, we’ll have the option of flowing over in to this new room.

In my quest to take the house toward ruthless simplicity, the room is spartan, although I am still looking for just the right rug (the rug maker has no rug…) and a small coffee table.   At this juncture, an object needs to be useful, be beautiful, or have a significant piece of my heart to stay in the house.

Here are some pics with captions…

We went with a bright sunny blue, “Emily” by California Paints. If you have not used California Paints in a while, I urge you to give them another try. The new-ish primer included formulation truly gives nearly one coat coverage. I always do two, but it was barely necessary. This blue went on over a tough-to-cover primitive mustard yellow and barely needed the second coat. The whole room was done with a single gallon.
We covered the old taupe love seat with a new cover. This room redo was done on a shoestring. There was not going to be money for a lot of new furniture. #educatingkidsemptypockets
This locally made step back cabinet had been painted a primitive cream with distressed corners. I’m honestly all primitived out at this juncture in my life and am looking for a brighter, cleaner look for the house. I painted this in California’s basic white. I still need to put the second coat on and put the knobs back on. I wanted a place to display our heritage family photos.  Portrait of Corgi Tru by Rockland, Maine artist Mae Towers.
This is the built in book case next to the fireplace. I wanted to be able to put a lot of our antique books in a single area. The vintage teddy bear belonged to my beloved brother, who left this world at age 31 in 1986. It is one of my most treasured possessions. The smaller teddy bear buddy is a reproduction given me by a dear friend.
The Empire sofa was an eBay find. We went down to Rhode Island a few weeks ago to pick it up. Its scale shows us that people were a lot smaller back in the day, but I find it very comfortable. It makes you sit up straight and is perfect for reading, knitting, and…of course!…hooking. The table to the right of it is actually a 1929 Atwater Kent tube radio. Yes, it works!
OK, so I can’t part with the Corgi pillow. The Eastlake style Victorian chair was a find from a neighbor’s yard sale. It needs new upholstery. The map over the fireplace is an 1880 map of Paris Hill and Paris, Maine.
Writing nook. I need to find a way to get power to this corner for my laptop. It *is* the 21st century after all.  The sewing table was made in Paris, Maine by Paris Manufacturing Company.  The watercolor over the desk was done by long time family friend Joan Kell and is of Owl’s Head, Maine.  The lighthouse pen and ink was done by my son, James.  <3
View coming in from the kitchen (which has also just been painted and decluttered, but that’s another post). Writing nook to left.

Thanks for cyber visiting the Parris House and we hope you’ll stop by in person some day!  Happy hooking.  🙂   – Beth

Getting Our Vintage On…


Do you know what this is?  It’s an antique hair receiver.  Ladies used to keep these on their vanities to hold the hair from their brushes and combs.  Back in the day, hair was kept and recycled for a variety of purposes, and these lovely containers were commonplace.  Today they can be repurposed for holding jewelry, potpourri, candy, what have you.

Jen and I are completely fascinated with things from the past, and enjoy antique and vintage picking both separately and on the rare occasion we can be together.  When Jen visited Maine in January, in spite of the blizzard, we had to go antiquing.  As usual, we scored some great finds.

But we can’t keep all of them.  We just…you know…CAN’T.  So, we are starting to stock the vintage section of our Etsy shop.  We have some items up already, but there will be many more.  They are mostly what antique dealers call “smalls” for ease of shipping, but should we come across something fabulous of the larger kind, we’re apt to list it too (and figure out how to ship it later!).  You can view our beginning selection by clicking HERE.  

Here are a few more things currently in the vintage section of the shop…

1882 Autograph Book – Virtually Unused
Post World War II U.S. Occupied Germany Rosenthale Bowls
We have, and will always have, an assortment of antique and vintage photos.
We have, and will always have, an assortment of antique and vintage photos.  These are all currently for sale.
Mid century ice cream party!  Dessert dishes in an iridescent amber.
Mid century ice cream party! Dessert dishes in an iridescent amber.

There’s more in the shop, and more will be coming on a regular basis, so check in often!

Happy antiquing and happy hooking! – Beth

Do You Like Antique Wide Pine Floors and Blizzards? These Videos are for You.

While Jen’s been visiting this week, she decided that the floors in the Parris House were video worthy. Here is her video tour of the creaky old floors in their full noisiness, since it’s winter. In summer, the floors swell with humidity and tighten up, but mid-winter it’s a creak fest here. Let’s just say we can’t even have stealthy pets let alone stealthy family members in this house.

We’re expecting another snowstorm too.  This is what Tuesday’s blizzard looked like on the village green, Paris Hill Village.  I shot this video while Jen and I were walking (staggering?) around in the storm.

If you’d like to follow all of our videos as we add them, hopefully increasing our videography skills considerably, just subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Thanks, and happy hooking! – Beth