Cindy’s Quest for a New Kidney – Let’s Make It Happen!


Please let me introduce you to Cindy Mitchell, who is a beloved member of our Tuesday hooking group in Maine.  Cindy is a wife, a mom, a professional person, and a rug hooker who is just now launching her own pattern design company, Paws & Claws Hooking.  Cindy can handle a hammer as skillfully as a hook and regularly does carpentry work in her beautiful Maine home.  She’s a great cook, and hosts the best summer parties anywhere. She ice fishes and snowmobiles, and is the best bargain hunter and antique/vintage picker I have ever known.  Cindy is also a wonderful friend.

For the past 20 months or so, Cindy has needed exhausting kidney dialysis three times a week, for four hours a session, due to a very rare kidney disorder that came out of the blue to her.  Cindy is not the only person in our Tuesday group to have grappled with kidney disease.  In April of last year Irene Adams, suffering from a genetic kidney disorder, received a kidney transplant.  Her donor was Ron Adams, her husband, and the man who makes our amazing Bear Pond Wood Works hooking frames.  Irene was fortunate that her donor match was so astonishingly close at hand, but Cindy needs a transplant too and has not found a match yet.

Cindy has explained to me that there are at least several hundred thousand people in the United States suffering from kidney disease.  Donors are needed, and living donors are actually preferable in many ways because they can be thoroughly screened before donating.  Also crucial is the fact that life expectancy is better in cases of live donation.

Irene’s transplant was, and Cindy’s transplant when a donor is found will be, handled by the Maine Transplant Team at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine.  For more information about the program, and most importantly, if you are moved to consider donating, go to their web page at:

Additional information can be found at the United Network for Organ Sharing at:

You do not have to be an exact match to one specific patient to help through donation.  Through a swap program, a network of donors and patients can be established which ends up creating possible matches where none may have been known otherwise.

Below is a photo of Irene Adams with the rug she made for her Maine Transplant Team, which now hangs in their office in Portland.  Irene is living proof that transplantation is the gift of life itself.  I know that asking for help in finding a kidney for Cindy is a very big request, but I can’t think of a more important thing to go to bat for.  One of the things I love about our craft is how much it draws us together like family. Please share this blog post with anyone and everyone who might be able to help, and I’ll definitely let you know when Cindy’s new kidney is found so you can celebrate along with us!   With gratitude – Beth


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  1. Being a fairly new hooking fanatic…I will tell you that I am more versed in Renal care. I am a LICSW, who works in a dialysis in Mass. Please let Cindy know that she has a great team where she is and blessed to be in the area group. She must know that the National Kidney Foundation has great resources for all.

    One in three of us has the propensity towards some type of renal failure. Diabetes and Hypertension (high blood pressure untreated) are the two big causes of kidney failure. Please send her my warmest and best thoughts for a transplant with good recovery. She is a true warrior!!

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    Many of you will remember Maine hooker Cindy Mitchell’s story below from this past February. This blog post moved so many people that it remains one of the most read of anything we’ve ever posted. I am so filled with gratitude and joy this morning to be able to report, with Cindy’s permission, that Cindy received her new kidney early this week. Someone’s heroically generous gift of life has saved the life and health of someone we love dearly. Please support organ donation. Our February post contained a few links on how. <3 – Beth

  3. We just booked a trip to Maine and since I am a hooker, I am looking for potential shops to visit. I found your blog about Cindy and am so happy to hear of her recent kidney transplant. I will continue to keep her in my thoughts. My brother was a kidney transplant recipient after many years of dialysis and the donor was my mother! I tested as a teenager and received the crushing letter from his doctor that I did not share any “markers” that my brother had. My mother was so brave to donate her kidney in the midst of raising six kids. My brother was her firstborn and injured his spleen when he was 17 and the doctors didn’t detect that his spleen should be removed, which in turn damaged his kidneys. The day after his transplant, the doctors decided to remove his spleen also to prevent kidney damage again. It was a happy day to see my brother heal and get his color back and resume life with his kids. My mother had a good recovery as well. Hope to see you next week at the shop and hear more about it. Marilou

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